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How to add names and wording using Silhouette

Tutorial for adding names and wording using silhouette
By Susan Floyd Barnett

To add a name or words to your designs- in Silhouette Software.

If you are using JetproSS- you will need to flip the design, after your words are added, so that when you put on the shirt the words will be facing the correct way.

If using opaque paper- do not flip you design or words!!!

To add a name or words, select the font you want to use, type out what you want on you design. If you want to be able to change the size of some words, add them individually.

Once you have your words typed out, draw a box around them, with the arrow icon.
Then follow the following to change the color of the words to coordinate with your design.
Click on the name so Box is highlighted, open the color palette, click the little dropper looking tool and move it over your design to the color you want and click there. Should change the color of the name.

Then you can move your name to where you want it, below, on, above or beside the watercolor design.

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